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These are the Pieps haps:

<6/27/10> New haps, you guys! Considering how tedious it is to update this thing with basic HTML updates, I've decided to sell out and join the tumblelogging craze. Now you can see all the real actual Pieps haps RIGHT HERE.
At some point in the future I might decide to host something locally (I love having control over my content), but right now tumblr is good enough for me.

<4/5/10> I'm a Noogler! And a Data Liberator!

<2/24/10> After replacing most of the parts in my laptop, it's alive once again!
Now the only thing standing between me and making this domain useful is sheer laziness and the fact that the things I want to play with aren't stable on multithreaded implementations of Apache. But really, isn't that always the problem?

Here are the older haps of Pieps


Mail - Now primarily hosted on Google Apps, with some cardboard fins hosted at pieps.org tacked on for extra spiffiness.

Wiki - It's pretty much just a disorganized bunch of information that I wanted to keep around for whatever reason. You might want to take a look at the mail server setup guide if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. It synthesizes a bunch of information gleaned from other great, albeit (in my opinion) incomplete guides. It covers everything you need for setting up a MySQL-backed Postfix server with Courier IMAP (soon to be Dovecot), SASL authentication and mandatory SSL/TLS connections.


My resume (PDF) (being updated)

A writeup for my college senior project on music creation games

My LinkedIn Profile

My Twitter account (@pieps) - Now you can keep up on the mundane daily hapenings of Nick Piepmeier! Follow away, good people.

My Identi.ca account (@pieps) - Now in OpenMicroBlogging flavor!

My 1up.com page - This is mostly just to avoid namespace collisions with the other Nick Piepmeier's 1up page. Mine is very boring, and I don't suggest you go there.


The Future of the Internet - And How to Stop It by Jonathan Zittrain. This book hits so many issues on the head. It really should be required reading for anyone who uses technology today. And reading it shouldn't be a problem - the book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 license and is freely downloadable. Seriously. Read this book. It's really important.

Crypt patch for Cyrus-SASL - Looking at the traffic logs for my site, this is what you're probably here for. You might also want to take a look at my mail server setup guide, specifically the part regarding Cyrus SASL, as it natively handles the auth of encrypted passwords in a less kludgey way and doesn't keep you from using current versions of things.

Shotgun Commonlaw - a centralized repository of rules pertaining to calling shotgun when you're about to get into a car.

Free DNS - This wonderful service helps with the fact that getting a static IP address without paying an arm and a leg to most telecoms is essentially impossible.

Oh, and if you take issue with my choice of color schemes here, I apologize. My eyes, after being stuck watching a screen for about 12 hours a day for as long as I can remember, have informed me that they are planning to start The Revolution if I look at excessively bright things except when absolutely necessary.
Since you are not attached to my face, I'm inclined to side with the eyes on this one.

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