<5/12/09> Spore Hero has officially been announced!
And it looks better than ever. Awesome showing, guys!

<4/27/09> I'm now a Robonaut!
Looks like we're working on a new version of Tony Hawk after all... Guess we're saving the extreme dynamite fishing game for later.

<4/17/09> Today was my last day at EA Montreal.
It was a great run, on an excellent team. Now I'm off to Robomodo in Chicago!

<3/2/09> I'm currently working on a text-based adventure game for Google Android, to be released sometime this year in the not-horribly-distant future.
Keep checking back here for status and updates.

<4/14/08> pieps.org is back, and this time it has more uptime! Woo hoo!

<2/22/08> As of today, pieps.org will be down for a while. Expect it to be back up within a month.

<1/11/08> I have died in a blogging accident.

<12/18/07> To all potential employers:
Thanks so much for the consideration, but I've decided to stay with the EA family and will be heading off to EA Montreal in January.
Please keep in touch, as someday I may be out of work again.

<11/9/07>I'm currently unemployed due to the tragic closure of EA Chicago.
If you're interested in hiring a software engineer, and you represent a video game company or a company that produces music creation apps (or some other awesome company - I'm not too picky), feel free to email me at nick (at sign here) pieps (dot and/or period here) org.